Antislip is the first company in North Africa which offers a new ANTISLIP system which is invisible to the naked eye and offers guarantees ranging from 2 – 4 years plus, depending on the surface and areas treated, these comply with the European Directive 89/654, Risk Prevention Law 31/95 and Royal Decree 486/97.

Our latest new formulation, means that we now have a NEW ANTISLIP PAINT. New technology has provided us to be able to decrease or enhance the Antislip paint to suit our clients requirements. So whether it be on a children's play area (which you can choose to have a fine Antislip Paint) whether in high traffic warehouses (which you could have a course, Antislip paint)

Antislip is now offering Polyurethane and acrylic resins which is the latest in Antislip paints, extremely hard wearing and extensive guarantees, these can be high visibility colours or transparent. They are ideal for Steps, Stair cases, Ramps, Wheel chair accesses and Marine (Boats) and one of the most important areas for the hoteliers is bathtubs. The tour operators are now pushing for these areas to be applied. Also new, is a reflective non slip paint and a Military Grade Non slip paint extremely hard wearing and flexible.

We can also provide Anti-slip Rough cut imported Marble for life time slip solutions around pool decking, steps, ramps and shower areas.


Anti Slip Treatment Works!
ASE is a truly unique product. UNLIKE Hydrofluoric Acid and Ammonium Bifluoride based products which etch and take the shine off polished floors, it will not etch or damage the treated surface. ASE is non-abrasive and non-corrosive. The anti-slip effect is created by micro particles which are dispersed evenly over the surface of the tile creating a perfect and even thread of micro-pores. The anti slip effect is injected into the tile surface pores. ASE is not a coating. Once applied it becomes part of the tile and increases the tile's strength. The product's non-slip characteristics become effective when the floor is wet, in fact, the wetter the floor, the more effective the anti-slip works..


BEFORE                                                                    AFTER


Microscopic pattern of a surface injected with Anti-Slip, The pattern of the positioning of the micro particles are evident. Floors can be treated in minutes. ASE: ANTI-SLIP CLEANER & MAINTAINER Multi-purpose cleaner especially developed to maintain and clean floors If you have just invested in a specialized anti-slip floor treatment then it makes sense to be careful with the products you use to clean that floor. The use of chemical or bleach-based cleaning products would weaken the anti-slip properties of the floor. We recommend cleaning the floor with uniquely designed cleaning product that removes soiling and grease without leaving a slippery detergent residue. It's a simple replacement product for your current cleaning chemical. No other cleaning products are required. ANTI SLIP EGYPT PRODUCT INFORMATION: The effectiveness of our products has been tested by an internationally recognized laboratory. Tests carried out according to Standard UNE-ENV 12633:2003 Annexure A, Determination of Slip Resistance (Pendulum), show an increase of 200% in the coefficient of friction for tiles treated with ASE anti-slip products against the same tiles non-treated. Anti Slip Egypt treats all PRIVATE and COMMERCIAL areas:-

Around Pools
Entryways & Hall ways, Corridors
Locker Rooms
Laundry Rooms
Shower Stalls
Public/Residential Bathrooms
Work Areas
Spa centers



Safety Direct Egypt/Antislip Egypt offers support and advice in Prevention of Slip/Fall accidents and product after sales service. Safety Direct Egypt/Antislip Egypt products helps to reduce the risk of slip/fall accidents, but does not warrant or guarantee to the client, or any other person or party, against the Occurrence of slip/falls, or other accidents, personal injury, or property damage of any nature. Accidents and falls may occur on treated areas, if not maintained regularly with our maintenance program and also due to other influential factors, such as allegedly slipping, falling, tripping, or stumbling on treated areas due to other party negligence