Thermal Insulating Elastomeric Waterproof Coating

SDE THERMO INSULATING is a single component, solvent based universal thermal insulating water resistant structural protective system. This weather coat protects the structure from ultraviolet and infra-red rays. It reflects heat as well as not allowing the heat & cold flux transmission. It saves air conditioning and power energy cost and structure maintenance.


  • Single component - ready to use.
  • Adheres strongly to almost all building materials - concrete, metal, wood, asbestos, ceramic etc.
  • Flexible - takes care of linear movement.
  • Ultraviolet light protection maintains aesthetic appearance.
  • Thermal non-conductivity properties saves electrical energy.
  • Unique non-conductive keeps structure cool in hot season and warm in cold season from inside.
  • Prevents growth of microorganisms such as fungus, algae moss.
  • Repels air borne pollutants and dirt that makes the substrate look new for years after application.
  • Light weight puts less stress on the structure.
  • Can be applied with brush, roller or spray.

End Uses:

  • Building roof and exterior walls.
  • Industrial structure roofs, walls i.e. concrete slab roof, asbestos sheet roof, tin sheet roof, fibre glass sheet, polyester coated sheet etc.
  • Hospital buildings schools, commercial and residential rooftops and walls.
  • Seal water tanks


  • Concrete Surface: 4 - 5 sq meter per litre per coat depends on the roughness and porosity of the surface.
  • Metal surface: 6 - 6.5 sq meter per litre per coat.
COLOUR Optional
SURFACE OF APPLICATION Concrete, Roofs, Metal, Wood, Plastics, Vinyl, Ceramic and Granite Surfaces
BRAND Safety Direct Egypt