MA FRA Products

MA FRA Products

Fifty years of success and impressive growth, we are firmly established as leader of a rapidly expanding market, with original ideas and solutions, anticipating trends and guidelines. An undisputed leader in every section of the industry: organizational, research, productivity, commercial. Since as long ago as 1965, MA-FRA has always been on the customers’ side, coming to their aid to easily resolve any problems that may arise from day to day, for both ordinary users and for washing and cleaning professionals, in complete respect for the environment.



The productive activity of MA-FRA is performed on the grounds of absolute technical and technological excellence. A centralised management plant is used to mix the various components, which enables the batches of raw materials to be memorised. The computerised production system contains all of the company’s Know-How: formulations, production methods, raw material injection order, mixing times. The liquid products are packaged on automatic lines to ensure the very highest quality finished product. Today there are thirty tanks of up to 50,000 KG capacity, each used to mix the semi-finished solutions, while another thirty large tanks hold the high turnover raw materials.



MA-FRA cares for its people. Steps have been taken to support the know-how of each worker; our employees filled in job description forms which were then shared with company managers who devised individual development programmes..

The “Team Building” activities, through individual and group “empowerment” activities held by training professionals, also play a key role in the company. At MA-FRA, success really begins with the people: the individual talents and the tremendous motivation of all our workers are the assets that drive our company ahead of the competition .

In order to maintain this winning formula, MA-FRA organises regular meetings between all of the company’s members to advance the level of quality in terms of perception and the role carried out by each person. These meetings are coordinated by a company specialising in personnel training and development and have generated a new and more solid cohesion within the group, transforming the normal collaborator into ‘manager’ with initiative and active responsibilities, through communication with others and full integration in the work team. This activity has launched the MA-FRA policy of process management that aims to bring out the best in the multi-disciplinary skills of each worker.

Research and Development

The in-house R&D Centre is rare in an industry such as this, many consumer companies would not bother. In difference to other companies, the in-house Research Centre offers MA-FRA the valuable opportunity to approach each problem uniquely, allowing for its environmental campaign. The laboratory focuses wholly on innovation and constantly improving the range. The relentless work in the MA-FRA laboratories produces on average eight new formulas each year with a four month time to market.

The Quality Control Laboratory also plays a crucial role in the company, controlling products and maintaining the constantly high level of quality. In recognition of the MA-FRA pursuit of excellence, the company has been awarded two certifications – ISO 9001:2000 for quality and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental care.


Our notion of quality begins with the our Customers’ needs, whether they are professionals or “DIY” users. These requirements are communicated to the Company through the MA-FRA sales network, then to the Research and Development department, transferred to our production lines and, finally, usable solutions are returned to the Customer.

  • In order for quality to become a vital added value, everyone who is part of the production process, such as those who offer or benefit from the service or product, has to put it into practise and recognise it.
    For the end user, the ISO quality certification is proof, a guarantee of reliability and adherence to regulations in the product purchased, that are the basis of any success built over time.
  • MA-FRA has put its own Company Quality System into effect to achieve the following objectives:  
    improve the company organisation and interfunctionality; 
    reduce the non-quality costs and improve productivity by decreasing waste and the number of modifications; 
    satisfy the ever increasing Customer demand to provide documentation on quality.

  • MA-FRA is among the founding Members of Federlavaggi that aims, as one of its primary and fixed objectives, to continue and execute professionalism in the plants: the quality therefore becomes an obligatory and fundamental passage to transmit to the end Customer. This renders quality an obligatory and fundamental factor to transmit to the end Customer.
    Any “self-service” Customer of ours will always have the peace of mind that comes with using the best the market has to offer. The Hobby line products were created as a branch of the Professional line. The formulations are the same, the quality is identical and the highly advanced user-friendly and safety aspects ensure the very best performance.

Best Factory Award
Since 1999 MA-FRA has taken part in the Best Factory Award carried our simultaneously by L. Bocconi University of Business and Economics, Cranfield School of Management and Export Akademie Baden-W.

ISO 9001



TÜV: ISO 9001