Floor Polishing Products

Floor Polishing Products

Abrasive pastes, washes, and products

Vinyl Abrasive paste.
Especially designed for grinding and polishing of vinyl surfaces replenishing and revitalizing the surface and offering an antibacterial finish.
(3 grades available) V1 -V2 –V Polish.
Use: single disc machine.

Abrasive grains-paste.
Specially formulated silicon carbide grains for cleaning polishing of Ceramic, concrete, epoxy-painted floors.
Grades: 60-120-220-320-400-800-1000.
Use: single disc machines

Wet look polishing liquid.
High gloss liquid polish, especially designed for places where traditional and single disc machines cannot reach, can be used on marble, granite and calcite surfaces.
Counter tops, steps, small corners.
Use: hand held polishing machine.

Detergent silicon wash- stannous crystals.
A specially formulated product characterized as an anti-oxidant and bacteria, it prevents humidity and composition of salts on all types of surfaces. This product is for daily use.
Use: Diluted with water, used by hand or with single disc machine.

Detergent silicon wash- Anti-salt.
A specially designed for the cleaning and removal of salts within the surface. This product can be used daily and offers a shine with a lemon scent.
Use: Diluted with water, used by hand or with single disc machine.

Nano metal polish.
Specially formulated non-scratching paste for polishing virtually all kinds of metal with ease, it does not require elbow grease to accomplish a high shine. No ammonia or hydrocarbons contents. Safe to use to polish all metal tableware. Offers a reduction in oxidization of the metals for a longer lasting shine.
Use: Polish by hand or machine-buffer.

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