Paints & Coatings

Safety Direct Egypt continues broaden our product range, with Specialised Paints available now

Whether its Fire resistant or UV, Heat & Chemical Resistant Varnish for Wood, washable paints. Our Paints come with Guarantees and are high quality more durable than your average paints

Chemical Resistant, Transparent Wood Paint/Varnish (Minimuim 3 year duration before re application)
UV, Heat Resistant(up to 150 degrees C),
Full Range of colours - Please ask for our Colour chart
Specialized Products such as:-


Antislip Paints
Acrylic Paints

Plastic Putty

Interior and External Emulsion/Satin paint

Washable Paints

Road Marking Paint

Self Levelling EPOXY

EPOXY Sealer

Solvent Free EPOXY Coating

Concrete Anti Corrosive Primer

Wood Colouring Filler

Industrial glow in the dark paint.

Clear crystal floor coatings.

AQUA PROOF Sealer and Top Coat

Contact us for Data Sheets, Price list and more information on the above products.

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